What Causes Obesity: The Real Answer

We just don’t know.  Simply put that’s the answer.  I came across a recent long and detailed essay in in this week’s issue of  the British Medical Journal that reviews the history of obesity research and theory.  Anyone interested in this topic, and really many of us should be interested, should read this essay.  It outlines in great detail what we don’t know, and proposes that we go about the rigorously designed studies needed to find answers to the question, “What Causes Obesity?” without prejudicing the findings with flawed logic and biased presuppositions.

The Science of Obesity: What do we really know about what makes us fat?  An essay by Gary Taubes

The history of obesity research is a history of two competing hypotheses. Gary Taubes argues that the wrong hypothesis won out and that it is this hypothesis, along with substandard science, that has exacerbated the obesity crisis and the related chronic diseases. If we are to make any progress, he says, we have to look again at what really makes us fat.  read more

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