Still Taking Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3 Complex

I posted a little over 3 months ago in a post called First Hand Anecdotal Evidence about the hopeful improvement in the level of CA-125, the tumor marker for my wife Kay’s ovarian cancer tumor marker, after she had started taking Turmeric Extract Curcumon C3.   She decided to start taking this at the recommendation of her Seattle Cancer Care Alliance GYN oncologist after she asked if there was anyting other than traditional chemotherapy or experimental drugs that she might use.  She had been found to have a rising CA-125 just a few months after her third course of therapy for her ovarian cancer.  This third attempt had been an agressive course of surgery on what we had hoped was a limited regional recurrence, followed by combined intravenous and intraperitoneal chemotherapy, followed by whole pelvis radiation.  The early rise in the tumor marker was really discouraging.  Everyone agreed that another course of agressive chemotherapy was not wise at that time, and since she was feeling well, and her CA-125 had gone up steadily but slowly, waiting for either bothersome symptoms or definative evidence on diagnostic imaging of recurrence was the best option.

This led us to choose a course of living with cancer, and deferring therapy until it became needed to control symptoms or rapidly or dangerously growing cancer.  Dr. Swisher mentioned that at MD Anderson one of her patients had been put on a Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3 supplement and that it had seemed to be keeping her ovarian cancer from progressing for far longer than expected after a recurrence post-chemotherapy.  We thought it was worth a try, and now are placing our third order.  It is anything but crystal clear that the turmeric extract has anything to do with Kay’s encouraging CA-125 numbers.  It is possible that the rise in the tumer marker

Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3
Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3

was related to post-radiation inflammation and was a false positive artifact that would have come down anyway.  If so we are happy to continue the turmeric extract and wonder if it is helping.  We are certainly not willing to stop the supplement and live with doubt that if we had continued Kay might have had a better outcome.

Hope is a wonderful thing, and living with cancer is a lot easier when hope exists.  So far our first hope is that the three-pronged therapy has led to either a prolonged remission or even cure from Kay’s cancer.  Short of that we hope that the turmeric extract is a highly effective cancer growth deterrent.  Either way, our summer has been delightful, we are hopeful for many more months of chemotherapy free living, and Kay is more than happy to eat her daily dose of Adam’s natural peanut butter as a high lipid snack to improve absorption of the lipophyllic turmeric extract capsules.

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  1. Susan, I am not aware of turmeric use for other GYN type cancers, but also know of few significant side effects of its use. As with all supplements, if you take other meds discuss withyour pharmacist about drug interactions. MD Anderson was the cancer center this advice originated from, and you may inquire there for additional information. Good luck. DrP.

  2. My sympathies on your wife diagnosis and a big Hooray! that the tumeric may be lowering her CA125 level. Having just been diagnosed with endometrial cancer (now post surgery and radiotherapy – oh joy) I can relate to the need to look for alternatives to keep the cancer at bay as long as there are non harmful side effects. Do you have any idea if tumeric extract is being recommended for other ‘female’ cancers? Are there any harmful side effects you’ve noticed or that have been mentioned to you? Is there a website you can recommend that provides cautious yet reasonable information about its use? Hopefully you both will continue to have a healthy remainder of the year. Many blessings and best of luck to you and for Kay.

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