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Resources – DrPullen.com – Medical and Health Blog


Good Free Online Medical Information

This page of  my medical blog has annotated links to what I think are some of the best free on-line resources for valid, useful and helpful medical information

Exam Room Favorites

This is a site specifically designed as a home page for physicians to use in their exam rooms.  It has numerous sites that you may find helpful.

AAFP Patient Information Handouts

This is the American Academy of Family Physicians list of patient handouts.  It is designed for family physicians to use as a source of accurate, useful patient education handouts for their patients.


A series of online resources.  Very detailed anatomy site, pathology, and physiology links.

Anatomy On-line

Anatomy On-line is a nice site to look at diagrams of human anatomy, to allow you to see what muscles, bones, organs, etc. are in various areas.

Medication Use in Pregnancy and Lactation

An easy to use reference for information on the safety of medications in pregnancy and lactation.

Traveler’s Health

The traveler’s health page of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) where you can find out about immunizations needed, malaria prophylaxis, and other disease and safety issues for international travel.

FP Notebook

This is a more technical reference site, called FP Notebook for textbook style information about a wide range of medical conditions.

Sex Education 

This is a web site I’ve created as a resource to help parents become the authority they need to be as sex educators for their children.



Wal-Mart $4. / medication listA list of the $4. / month supply medications available at Walmart.  Not designed as a recommendation for Wal-Mart, as Target, Fred Meyer and others have similar lists, but as a place to start to find inexpensive medications if you need them.

Many more health links

This is a link to the list of on-line medical resources on the web site of Sound Family Medicine, my practice.  It has a fairly extensive list of useful medical sites, and is kept fairly current.

If you have great resource ideas for a health blog please leave a comment.