Overoutrage: The Right Way to Determine Healthcare Policy?

I came across a very interesting article today in The Health Care Blog by Saurabh Jah, MD titled Overoutrage and the Assymetric Skepticism of Healthcare Journalists.

This addresses a concept I’d not heard of until now. Here is a quote from the above linked article:

“Overoutrage is excessive moral outrage. Outrage is excessive anger. Anger is excessive emotion. Emotion is excessive anti-reason. Overoutrage is the mother of all overdoing.”

Dr. Jah discusses how overoutrage not only can create viscious personal attacks on individuals but may be a major force in the development of healthcare policy.  It’s worth a read.   I suspect healthcare is not the only field where overoutrage has undue influence on public policy decisions.  Leave comments to let me know what you think.


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