Muffin Test and Assorted Potpourri For Weekend Consumption

Muffin Test for Diabetes :.-)   (tongue-in-cheek)

Just for fun you may want to check out the Muffin Test for diagnosis of diabetes. I think I’ll get one done every Saturday morning just to be sure.  Actually there is debate over whether a muffin from the local bakery followed by a blood sugar measurement may be a cheaper, more tolerable and better screening test for diabetes than the standard glucose tolerance test using a standardized glucose drink. This article has an interesting discussion, though the chances we will make this change seem pretty low to me.

Yaz and Blood Clots:

One of the few really serious yaz side effects, or risks of birth control pills is deep vein thrombosis of the legs which can lead to pulmonary embolus and death. A huge Danish study in the BMJ showed a relative risk of DVT of 2.9 when compared to non-birth control pill users, and the pills with desogewstrel, gestodene or drospirenone were at least twice as likely as those with levonorgestrel to cause DVT. Looks like Yaz (drospirenone/ethyno estradiol) does put women at higher risk of DVT than most other birth control pills. Check out the BMJ article. The FDA is currently investigating Yaz re this in the U.S.

Drug Companies are Paying off Competitors Not to Challenge Patents

There appear to have been 28 “Pay-for-Delay” generic drug deals in the U. S. in the last 12 months according to an FTC report. The NY Times has a good article in their “The Business of Health Care” section. Drug companies have learned how to pay off competitors who are trying to horn in on their patent essentially at the expense of everyone who buys health care (that’s all of us who pay taxes of purchase U.S. made goods).

Tdap Updated Guidelines- Pregnant Women and Older People Need Pertussis Immunity Too

As you know I’m a big proponent of the new Tdap vaccine as a booster not just to diphtheria and tetanus, relatively rare diseases in the U.S. but to pertussis (see Dr. Pullen got His Tetanus Shot Years Early). Pertussis is much more common that either diphtheria or tetanus and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has updated its recommendations to include pregnant women who have not previously received the Tdap vaccine (preferably after 20 weeks gestation), as well as for all adults and adolescents who may come in contact with an infant under 12 months of age. This now includes older adults over the age of 65 who were previously not approved to receive Tdap.

Have a great weekend, enjoy Halloween and let me know if you have subjects you’d like to see future posts cover. I’m always looking for a good idea.

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  1. How about an occasional comment about some of the problems of seniors such as hot feet in the evening unrelated to diabetes, smelling odors that are not there, both problems that I have.

    Also some of your insight into restless leg syndrome, something else that I have.

    Lu Wood

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