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Pfizer Strategy to Get You to Buy Lipitor not Generic Atrovastatin – DrPullen.com – Medical and Health Blog

Pfizer Strategy to Get You to Buy Lipitor not Generic Atrovastatin

The patent on Lipitor expires this month, and inexpensive generic atorvastatin should be available within months. I cannot think of any good reason that generic atorvastatin prices should be higher than the prices of the other generic statins once true competition comes to the marketplace. Pfizer has in place a strategy to try to keep patients buying and physicians prescribing brand name Lipitor and maintaining their market share to some degree. Here is how they hope to retain sales as outlined in the Wall Street Journal in an article by Peter Loftus:

  • Discount Drug Coupons: In every state except Massachusetts the use of manufacturer coupons to reduce the copay for brand name drugs is legal. Federal insurance plans Medicare and Medicaid disallow these coupons, as their real effect is to negate the intent of the payer (the U.S. government and its taxpayers in the case of Medicare and Medicaid) to force the individual patient to pay a premium in the form of higher copayments in order to use higher price brand name drugs. The effect is to give incentive to patients to use cheaper generics, save money themselves and save money for the health care system. Discount drug coupons take the incentive away from the individual patient and end up raising the cost of health care. Pfizer hopes that physicians and patients will make use of these coupons and help them retain market share instead of using less expensive generic atorvastatin.
  • Making deals with the pharmacy benefits managers that insurance companies use to give rebates or market share incentive deals that in essence give larger profits to these companies if patients use Lipitor instead of generic atorvastatin. These pharmacy benefits managers have considerable power in the choices patients have and drugs they are dispensed.

If Pfizer is successful in their attempts to retain significant market share of the $11 billion in annual sales of Lipitor, the #1 grossing U.S. drug for the last several years we can be sure other pharmaceutical companies will follow suit as their drugs lose their patent. Don’t be fooled by drug discount coupons. They may save you dollars in select situations where an expensive drug is clearly the best alternative, but in my opinion are rarely good choices, and certainly not in the case where their sole purpose is to convince us to use a more expensive brand name of a drug where a generic alternative is available. Everyone wants to reign in the cost of medical care, and discount drug coupons are trying to circumvent incentives to lower the cost of health care.

I’d be in support of either the federal government or each of the states following the MA lead and make drug discount coupons illegal.

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  1. Well, there’s not much chance that drug company commercials are going to be made illegal any time soon. So, making consumers aware of what’s really going on with marketing through blogs like this is a good thing. Thanks for the info! I didn’t realize the role PBMs have in controlling available drug choices.


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