Gabapentin Recreational Use

When I first heard about gabapentin recreational use at first it seemed bizarre, but recently there have been more reports of the diversion of prescriptions for gabapentin recreational use.  This makes some sense because the one of the primary problems with the use of gabapentin for neuropathic pain is that most people need to start at subtheraputic doses and very gradually increase their daily dose to avoid common gabapentin side effects of dizziness, vertigo and what is described by many patients as a drunken or drugged feeling.  It is likely very easy for an individual to intentionally ingest a mild overdose of gabapentin and induce those sensations. Gabapentin is not a controlled substance, and I certainly never thought of gabapentin as having abuse potential, but it sounds like gabapentin is yet one more substance you need to keep locked away to prevent diversion and gabapentin recreational use.  I’ll try to keep an ear to the news of other drugs with unexpected abuse potential and make brief posts about them from time to time.

I’d love comments on other unexpected prescription drugs readers may have found to be diverted to recreational use or abuse.

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Added info:  Since I wrote this article I’ve had comments ab0ut recreational use of numerous medications I never thought would be considered drugs of abuse.  Still opioid abuse, especially diversion and misuse of opioids is the biggest and most problematic of the prescription drugs that are misused.  The recreational use of opioids, unlike recreational use of gabapentin,can lead to serious addiction problems, physical withdrawal issues, and deaths from prescription opioids has become so common that it is more frequent than death from herion in the U.S.  This whole prescription opioid problem has become so important that Washington State has been a national leader in legislating controls on prescribing practices by physicians.

Benzodiazapine recreational use is another common drug I see misused.  This is nothing new, and has been going on since at least the days when Valium was grossly over prescribed.  This is another class of drugs where also unlike with gabapentin recreational use serious withdrawal issues that can even be life-threatening can occur.



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  1. Actually my son took 3500mg of gabapentin and ended up on a vent as he stopped breathing so no you should not be able to pick it up in the vitamin aisle

  2. What exactly dose recreational use of chemicals have to do with kids going to college and making good decisions? You realize how hard it would be to ACTUALY overdose on Gabapentin? And I’m not talking about taking a dose that would have recreational effects I’m talking about death, bodily or brain damage. People have survived doses of over 32 grams (not recomended at all and if you do it your more retarded than first expected and thats saying alot…). In my opinion you should be able to pick up a bottle of Gabapentin right on the supplement isle. Thats how safe it is and it dose help some people with anxiety and would be great if it were just that simple to go get. It would stop a lil bit of other chemical use being theres a safe and effective recreational chemical thats easy to obtain and will cause minimal damage to others unless the person using the substance dose something stupid inwhich would be the persons fault not the substance (however the substance gets the blame 90% of the time). It’s not all too bad a chemical for small recreational use for example: when your alone watching cartoons or shows online or playing games online and want something to take away the few aches and pains and just add that subtle euphoria to whatever safe entertainment your doing at the time that dosen’t require you to be able to complete more complicated tasks such as driving (just to be safe you shouldn’t do anything like driving while experiencing the effects of this chemical as with any substance this is for private use not public unless used as prescribed by a doctor or physician. That being said with gabapentin even at very high doses it seems to be possible to muster up the corrdination to do most tasks though you still SHOULD NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY WHILE UNDER THE “INFLUENCE” OF GABAPENTIN.). This is still a fairly safe substance to those who are not allergic or have any adverse reactions to the chemical and in my opinion is safe to the point that it should be put on the supplement isle. Surely there are some people who if they can keep from overdosing on vitamens can keep from overdosing on gabapentin which is harder to die from than most supplements. (Not saying supplements should be banned. Damn give the people a little free will if they go off and kill themselfs from overdosing on vitamens something is wrong and it dosen’t mean we need to “controll” the substance it just means we need to educate the people).

  3. The question I would like to ask, is how can we raise kids that can got to college and make good decisions. I think it is possible and probably starts in the nursery with educated and prepared parents.

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