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Barriers to Contraception: or “Why Is Every Other U.S. Pregnancy Still Unplanned?

Nearly one out of every two U.S. pregnancy is unplanned, a statistic that has remained unchanged for the last 20 years.  Other ways of looking at this statistic is that approximately 5% of women aged 15-45 in the U.S. have an unplanned pregnancy in any given year.  Of these unplanned pregnancies about 20% ar unwanted,… Continue Reading

3 Bits of Good News For Women

Three stories were in the news recently that are welcome good news for women. Here is a brief run down and links to more details. Breast Feeding May Reduce Obesity Later in Life: Although it’s too late for women in my generation to breast feed their babies the latest research suggests that nursing your children,… Continue Reading

Generic Boniva: A Welcome Addition to our Generic Drug Options

The bisphosphonates have been very popular for treatment of osteoporosis. On March 19th the FDA approved several manufacturers to sell generic Boniva, ibandronate, at the 150 mg monthly dosage that is commonly used. Unlike many drugs that go generic Boniva has been approved for several manufacturers from the start, so we should expect prices to… Continue Reading

Latisse: Are Longer Lashes Worth the Cost and Risks?

I find the most interesting thing about Latisse® is how it came to be used for growing longer thicker eyelashes.  Latisse follows a familiar story like other hair growth products in that it was an incidentally discovered side effect/benefit of the active ingredient in Latisse® while it was being used for another indication. Latisse® got… Continue Reading

How Safe is Oral Sex?

Bill Clinton didn’t consider it sex.  Lots of teens today consider oral sex a safe alternative to intercourse. Headlines like on ABC news in 2009 cry out, “Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss.” Data suggests that oral sex is becoming more common practice in teens than vaginal intercourse, a major change from a generation… Continue Reading

Spironolactone Off Label Use: PMS, Acne, Hirsuitism, Male Pattern Baldness

Today the medical student working with me asked my why a patient was on spironolactone for acne, as she thought this was a potassium sparing diuretic.  Great question as the FDA approved use of spironolactone is just that.  In the office I see far more women on spironolactone these days for acne, facial and body… Continue Reading

Aromatase Inhibitors: Breast and Ovarian Cancer Therapy and Maybe More

Aromatase Inhibitors are drugs that work within cells to inhibit the function of the enzyme aromatase, which facilitates the chemical change of androgens into estrogens. This process is called aromatization, and in postmenopausal women a large proportion of the estrogen available comes from the conversion of androgens into estrogens. In premenopausal women most of the… Continue Reading