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Grand Rounds this Week

DrRich at The Covert Rationing Blog hosts grand rounds this week.  He gives very detailed abstracts and although he tongue-in-cheek suggests you read this quickly. To do so you’ll have to be a really fast reader.  I particularly enjoyed the article by Amy Berman about her experiences with the health care system as a breast… Continue Reading

Anti-personnel mines

Reading The Rotarian magazine this month I was mesmerized reading the article Living with Landmines, and especially about anti-personnel mines.  Landmines are essentially broken down into two types.  One are mines to blow up vehicles, in particular to blow up tanks.  The other type is to injure and maim people, in theory enemy soldiers, but… Continue Reading

Energy Drinks and Children

No surprises here that energy drinks and children are not a good mix.  Enjoy this first guest post by Maria Rainer as she discusses energy drinks side effects and children in a review of an article from Pediatrics. The Adverse Effects of Energy Drinks on Children: A Pediatrics Review by Maria Rainier   As any parent… Continue Reading

Insensible Water Loss

Insensible water loss should probably be called immeasurable water loss.  As a resident we all learned to order I&O (Intake and output of fluids) and daily weights as a way to monitor the change from day to day in our hospitalized patients fluid status.  Rapid weight gain, especially combined with a higher fluid intake than urine output was… Continue Reading

A Beautiful Story

I stumbled across a beautiful story while I was looking for a topic for this weekend’s post when I came across an interesting interview in the NY Times Tara Parker-Pope section about the author of a book I’m reading right now for my book club, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival Resilience and… Continue Reading


A scotoma is a strange name for a common problem.  A scotoma, pleural is scotomata, is an area of diminished or absent vision that is surrounded by an area of normal or near normal vision.  It comes from the Greek work for darkness.  Patients with scotomata usually comment that there is a part of the… Continue Reading

Alcohol Kills Germs

I recently wrote an article for Live Right – Live Well, an online magazine about anti-microbial soap and anti-microbial gels as hand sanitizers. The bottom line is that alcohol kills bacteria and viruses better than anti-microbial soaps that contain triclosan. Use soap and water to get dirt and particulate matter off your hands. Use alcohol… Continue Reading

How’s Kay?

This is the question on everyone’s mind and the question I am asked numerous times every day. Each time I think about who’s asking the question, and decide on which answer to give. Is this a question that begs the same answer as, “How are you today?” If so should I answer with the equivalent… Continue Reading

Shingles and Sunscreen

First an interesting discussion of the convoluted reasons less than 10% of appropriate patients are getting the shingles vaccination.  Why Patients Aren’t Getting the Shingles Vaccine By PAULINE W. CHEN, M.D. Published: June 10, 2010 in the New York Times.  Then on a more pleasant subject, how to protect yourself from the sun. We’re not likely to… Continue Reading