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Just Like the Rest of Us Olympians face Health Problems

With the Olympics underway, and reading about South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius, the men’s Olympic 400 meter runner with prosthetic legs, I began wondering about Olympians past and present with health issues,  These and others may be inspirational, informative or in some cases maybe even lend hope to readers, and so here are Dr. Pullen’s: Ten… Continue Reading

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc: All Is Not As It Appears

I like some Latin phrases that have become part of our language.  See an earlier post Carpe Diem.  “Ad hoc” is a commonly used moniker meaning literally “for this”, but the term “post hoc,” or  more properly “post hoc ergo propter hoc,” (Latin for after the fact, therefore because of the fact) is used to… Continue Reading

Latisse: Are Longer Lashes Worth the Cost and Risks?

I find the most interesting thing about Latisse® is how it came to be used for growing longer thicker eyelashes.  Latisse follows a familiar story like other hair growth products in that it was an incidentally discovered side effect/benefit of the active ingredient in Latisse® while it was being used for another indication. Latisse® got… Continue Reading

Muffin Test and Assorted Potpourri For Weekend Consumption

Muffin Test for Diabetes :.-)   (tongue-in-cheek) Just for fun you may want to check out the Muffin Test for diagnosis of diabetes. I think I’ll get one done every Saturday morning just to be sure.  Actually there is debate over whether a muffin from the local bakery followed by a blood sugar measurement may… Continue Reading