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Pneumonia Vaccination Is More Complex but Better Than Ever

In my 30+ years as a family physician I’ve seen first hand the effects of a relatively new type of vaccines called conjugate polysaccharide vaccinations. In the 1980’s nearly every year I had one or more young children in the hospital with meningitis due to either Hemophyllus influenza B or Streptococcus pneumoniae.  Now there are… Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Planned Parenthood E-visits for Birth Control Pills

Planned Parenthood has announced that it is launching a program to allow women to obtain hormonal contraception, primarily birth control pills but also contraceptive patches and vaginal hormonal rings via an e-visit online.  This is an attempt to try to reduce the incidence of unplanned and undesired pregnancies that often occur because of women delaying… Continue Reading

Preventing Death After a Heart Attack

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of mortality in the U.S.  It causes leading to of every six deaths. On hospital discharge many patients are dismayed at the number of pills they are asked to take every day.  Often they had felt perfectly healthy prior to the sudden cardiac event, and may have taken pride… Continue Reading

Reaction to JNC-8 from a Practicing Family Doc

is Practicing physicians rely heavily on certain widely accepted guidelines to set goals and make treatment decisions for our patients.  Among the most respected and followed guidelines are those of the Joint National Committee on recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, often simply referred to as JNC.  The JNC came out with its… Continue Reading

5 Screening and Prevention Measures to Do and 5 to Avoid

Early diagnosis, preventative care and aggressive disease management are mainstays of American medicine today.  Proponents argue that early diagnosis and prevention are the keys to healthy living. Skeptics suspect that many of the screening tests for early assymptomatic disease and preventative treatments we undergo lead to overdiagnosis, unnecessary expense, exposure to diagnostic and therapeutic interventions… Continue Reading

Watchful Waiting: Not just a Prostate Cancer Option

Watchful waiting has become a term often thougt of as an alternative to surgery, radiation, or other interventions for early stage prostate cancer. Watchful waiting is actually a viable option for many other conditions too. Most Mom’s know that tincture of time with watchful waiting lets their children have the opportunity to recover without intervention… Continue Reading

Angelina Jolie and Celebrity Health Advocacy

This week’s celebrity health health advocacy headlines have been dominated by the sensational NY Times article by Angelina Jolie going public after her prophylactic double mastectomy and her BRCA1 gene mutation.  When famous people are forced to deal with difficult medical decisions, as Ms. Jolie certainly had to face, their decisions and consequences are influential… Continue Reading

Send a Birthday Card That Could Save Your Life.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. and one of the few types of cancer that is often preventable. A recent headline-grabbing article in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that regular colonoscopy every 10 years in non-high risk patients can reduce the incidence of advanced colon cancer by… Continue Reading

USPSTF: 2012 a Controversial Year

Today I read an article on MedPage today about the USPSTF, the previously obscure but recently highly criticized quazi-governmental committee tasked with giving advice to Americans and U.S. physicians regarding which preventative services are appropriate and which should be avoided. The concept that when we do a diagnostic test that there is both potential benefit… Continue Reading