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Brilinta: Is It Really Better than Plavix?

Headline:  Brilinta Reduces Death Rates vs. Plavix in Acute Coronary Syndrome! Tagline:  But Not By Much, and at a High Cost. July 20, 2011 AstraZenica received FDA approval for their new antiplatelet agent Brilinta (ticagrelor) for use in acute coronary syndrome.  Brilinta joins an increasingly crowded market of antiplatelet agents that includes the longstanding leader… Continue Reading

Bidil: Demographic Specific CHF Treatment

BiDil is a drug that has been around for a while, but has recently been marketed more agressively as a niche drug for treatment of congestive heart failure in self identified black patients. We have known for a long time that black patients respond differently to some drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure… Continue Reading

Orencia: Self-Injected Biologic for RA

Orencia was released recently as the first biologic drug in its class with FDA approval for self-injection, alleviating the need for monthly visits to the doctor or infusion center to get the medication. Early use of disease modifying therapy for rheumatoid arthritis has become the standard of care for moderate to severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis, and… Continue Reading

Xarelto: Now for Post-Op DVT prevention, A-fib, and Soon Maybe Routine Post Acute MI

The recent FDA approval of Xarelto (generic name rivaroxiban)  as the first direct factor Xa inhibitor for prevention of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in patients undergoing hip and knee replacement caught my eye as a family physician who anticipates outliving at least one of these joints.  In my community the standard of care for… Continue Reading

Antibiotics and Alcohol

Among the more common misconceptions I encounter at the office is that somehow the combination of antibiotics and alcohol is a particular concern.  In fact except for a few very specific antibiotics there is no special concern with the use of alcohol and antibiotics.  So where do the rumors about alcohol and antibiotics come from? … Continue Reading

Lyrica vs Gabapentin: A Family Doctor’s Perspective

After at first being a skeptic I am finding a significant role for Lyrica in treatment of neuropathic pain syndromes.  Lyrica first came to market in December of 2004 in the US with approval for diabetic neuropathic pain and post herpetic neuralgic pain.  I was a slow adopter of this drug. It seemed essentially a… Continue Reading

Toviaz: What is Its Role in Urge Incontinence

Toviaz is one of the newer additions to the crowded market of drugs indicated for the management of urge incontinence. Toviaz, generic name fesoterodine, is available in an extended release form at doses of 4 mg and 8 mg, and is marketed by Prizer as an improvement over the generic options for urge incontinence by… Continue Reading


Chronic angina pectoris is a difficult problem to manage, and the addition of Ranexa (generic name ranolazine) to our treatment armamentarium is certainly welcome.  Most of the drugs we use to treat angina are dependent on either reducing heart rate and the contractility of the heart muscles, reducing the rate of the flow of blood… Continue Reading