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Another Endangered Species Due to Habitat Loss: Crab Lice

I’m a birder and have seen the populations of many species I’ve watched over the last 30+ years decline.  Many of these declines are felt to be due to the loss of breeding, wintering or migration stop-over habitats required by these species.  In the late 1980’s a trip to Grays Harbor, WA at the time of peak migration might reveal up to a half million shorebirds crowded into the remaining mud flats at high tide. Now to see a few thousand shorebirds in this location is a good day.  Loss of habitat is felt to be the major factor in this drop in numbers of Western sandpipers and Short-billed dowichers, the predominant species using this location as a migration stopover site.  Conversely some other species like the introduced European House Sparrow have taken advantage of human created habitat opportunities.

A species I used to see occasionally in the office, Pthirus pubis, the human crab louse has also suffered severe habitat deprivation in recent years.  The preferred habitat of this organism is the hairy groin region of both men and women.  In the last 20+ years much of this habitat has been altered due to a change in pubic hair grooming practices. The exact incidence of this sexually transmitted parasite is poorly understood due to not being reportable.  Crab lice do not transmit any other disease so is not followed by the WHO or CDC. Still as early as a 2009 study  reported by NIH showed self-reported crab lice infection in

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Bikini Wax Menu Options

college students to be much lower than prior incidence estimates.  The widely accepted explanation for this environmental disaster for this species (tongue firmly in cheek here) is the relatively new grooming habits of youth in western countries. It is estimated that 80% of US college students trim or shave their pubic hair.  This is certainly consistent with my observations in the office.

Relatively famous boutiques such as the J. Sisters salon in New York City specialize in Brazilian waxing, a practice popular for decades in places like Rio de Janero where tiny bikinis are the usual beach attire.  Shows like Sex in the City openly discussed waxing, and may have contributed to the trend.  At any rate this is one endangered species that engenders little sympathy or movement to restore or protect habitat.

Preventing Death After a Heart Attack

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of mortality in the U.S.  It causes leading to of every six deaths. On hospital discharge many patients are dismayed at the number of pills they are asked to take every day.  Often they had felt perfectly healthy prior to the sudden cardiac event, and may have taken pride… Continue Reading

Watchful Waiting: Not just a Prostate Cancer Option

Watchful waiting has become a term often thougt of as an alternative to surgery, radiation, or other interventions for early stage prostate cancer. Watchful waiting is actually a viable option for many other conditions too. Most Mom’s know that tincture of time with watchful waiting lets their children have the opportunity to recover without intervention… Continue Reading

HIV News

HIV remains a major worldwide cause of morbidity and mortality.  Sub-Saharan Africa has an estimated 22.9 million HIV positive persons, with HIV rates in 15-49 year olds in Botswana, Swaziland, and Lesotho of approximately 25%, and in South Africa of 17.8%.  There are an estimated 14.8 million AIDS orphans in this region. In the developed… Continue Reading

Testosterone Deficiency: The New Explanation for What Ails You

It seems like every day in the office I see at least one man concerned about testosterone deficiency.  If you look at the symptoms of testosterone deficiency most of us have one or more of these symptoms at least some of the time.  Fatigue, depression, weight gain, lack of energy, reduced sex drive, loss of… Continue Reading

How Safe is Oral Sex?

Bill Clinton didn’t consider it sex.  Lots of teens today consider oral sex a safe alternative to intercourse. Headlines like on ABC news in 2009 cry out, “Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss.” Data suggests that oral sex is becoming more common practice in teens than vaginal intercourse, a major change from a generation… Continue Reading

Generic ARB

Why Has Losartan Lagged as the First Generic ARB? A few months ago I posted when the First Generic ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker)  became available.  Generic losartan, the generic for Cozaar and Hyzaar (combo med with hydrochlorothiazide), became available in about May 2010.  Interestingly it has not made much for inroads in the ARB market.… Continue Reading

Oral Decongestants: Marginally Effective or Ineffective Drugs with Serious Potential Side Effects

I really discourage the use of pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine as a decongestants, especially in adult men.  The biggest reason is that they just  don’t work very well, and the potential side effects seem to outweigh the benefits.  Friday in the office I saw a man in his early 50’s with acute urinary retention.  He had… Continue Reading