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LASIK: Safe and Effective – Usually

Lasik surgery, and other variations of corrective vision surgery like PRK, are very popular and about 600,000 LASIK procedures are performed in the US annually.  Most patients who get LASIK are happy with the outcome.  For some people with high grade myopia (near sightedness) refractory surgery like LASIK can be a huge lifestyle improvement.  For… Continue Reading

Crowd source help Requested: Turmeric -Curcumin for Ovarian Cancer

This post is an attempt to crowd source for information on turmeric with curcumin in ovarian cancer. Kay, my wife, has ovarian cancer that despite the best efforts of Kay and her various oncologists and surgeons has to this point had only fairly transient responses to traditional and some experimental treatments.  Kay is in a… Continue Reading

Breakthrough Prizes in Life Sciences are Cool

Research we need even more is boring, uninteresting, and has little or no funding. I was pleased to read the news last week of the Breakthrough Prizes in Life Sciences, giving $3 million each to 11 actively working basic scientists in medical and biological research. This is a great idea and a way to promote… Continue Reading

Barriers to Contraception: or “Why Is Every Other U.S. Pregnancy Still Unplanned?

Nearly one out of every two U.S. pregnancy is unplanned, a statistic that has remained unchanged for the last 20 years.  Other ways of looking at this statistic is that approximately 5% of women aged 15-45 in the U.S. have an unplanned pregnancy in any given year.  Of these unplanned pregnancies about 20% ar unwanted,… Continue Reading

The Dreaded Outcome of Any Test: The Incidentaloma

I just read a very good article in the NY Times about a patient found to have the classic incidentaloma, a small mass in the adrenal gland.  This is estimated to be seen in 4% of abdominal CT scans, and is rarely serious but typically leads to recommendations for additional testing and follow up CT… Continue Reading

How This Family Doctor Avoids Getting Sick While Examining Sick Patients All Day

My wife used to call the time from fall through spring the no-kissing season.  I always get my flu shot, and rarely get influenza, but as a family physician I need to look into the nose and mouths of patients with influenza, look under the diapers of babies with diarrhea, and drain pus from abscesses… Continue Reading