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Chikungunya Virus: The Latest Exotic Illness in the U.S.

Another disease previously not documented to have been acquired in the  continental US surfaced this month. A case of Chikungunya virus infection was diagnosed in a man in Florida on about July 15th, and in a Florida woman shortly thereafter.. I have to admit that this caught my eye primarily because of the unusual name… Continue Reading

This Month in the Medical News

Followers may have noted that I’ve not very much  posted in a while.  This is primarily due to spring migration.  As an avid birder, I have been spending nearly every free daylight hour, and some non-daylignt hours afield enjoying this miracle of nature.  The neotropic songbirds and Arcitc breeding shorebirds have been racing past to… Continue Reading

DIY Hay Fever Therapy- The Time is Now

Do-it-yourself (DIY) management is now something many if not most hay fever sufferers can effectively accomplish. The approval of an over-the-counter nasal corticosteroid, Nasacort OTC in October 2013 makes this the first spring where the drug most of us prescribe as the mainstay of hay feverpre therapy is available without a prescription. This is an… Continue Reading

Things I Learned on Twitter Today

Some days I feel that social media, especially Facebook, is a drain on my time and I often go long periods without even looking there, but Twitter is the one place I routinely peruse most days.  I try to only follow Twitter feeds that put out consistently high quality Tweets. Today thanks to these feeds… Continue Reading

Testosterone Side Effects

If you listen to sports radio, watch sports on TV or interact on any media outlet with a primarily male audience you might think that testosterone deficiency is the biggest health problem facing American men today. Testosterone side effects are mentioned in these ads, but we are all developing “warning fatigue” to the mandatory listing… Continue Reading

Thoughs from a Small Businessman and Physician on “Inequality for All “

Kay and I saw Inequality for All last week, a documentary featuring Robert Reich that addresses the income and wealth abyss between the upper 1% and the middle class in America. It documents how the income gap has changed since good data is available with the advent of national personal income tax in 1913. Reich does an… Continue Reading