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Things I Learned on Twitter Today

Some days I feel that social media, especially Facebook, is a drain on my time and I often go long periods without even looking there, but Twitter is the one place I routinely peruse most days.  I try to only follow Twitter feeds that put out consistently high quality Tweets. Today thanks to these feeds… Continue Reading

Testosterone Side Effects

If you listen to sports radio, watch sports on TV or interact on any media outlet with a primarily male audience you might think that testosterone deficiency is the biggest health problem facing American men today. Testosterone side effects are mentioned in these ads, but we are all developing “warning fatigue” to the mandatory listing… Continue Reading

Thoughs from a Small Businessman and Physician on “Inequality for All “

Kay and I saw Inequality for All last week, a documentary featuring Robert Reich that addresses the income and wealth abyss between the upper 1% and the middle class in America. It documents how the income gap has changed since good data is available with the advent of national personal income tax in 1913. Reich does an… Continue Reading

Individual Health Insurance Premiums In WA Increase 50% in 2014! Here’s Why?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) effective 2014 will make insurers unable to exclude Americans with serious health problems from enrolling in insurance plans. This is among the most popular aspects of Obamacare. It is also the most likely explanation for huge premium increases in plans for individuals not on employer group policies. Persons employed by… Continue Reading

Still Taking Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3 Complex

I posted a little over 3 months ago in a post called First Hand Anecdotal Evidence about the hopeful improvement in the level of CA-125, the tumor marker for my wife Kay’s ovarian cancer tumor marker, after she had started taking Turmeric Extract Curcumon C3.   She decided to start taking this at the recommendation of… Continue Reading