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Should We Have a Single Payer System or Improve Obamacare

I’ve struggled with this question, and don’t feel that I have the depth or breadth of experience or knowledge to say what the best approach to providing all, or nearly all people in the U.S. with health care access, but I came across this N.Y. Times op-ed article that makes a good case for improving Obamacare as the best route for progressive Americans to advocate.

Check out:

What’s Next For Progressives, by Paul Krugman 7 Aug 2017  N.Y. Times

It’s worth the read. Click on the link above to read and leave a comment here.

Health Care Reform is the Topic of Grand Rounds This Week

Walter Jessen at Hightlight Health blog hosts Grand Rounds this week and does a very nice article outlining the next 4 years of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act year by year and integrating the featured articles of the week.  You’ll see a number of the best blog posts of recent weeks, including the… Continue Reading

Catastrophic Plans May Save Even When Catastrophy Happens

For years our family has elected to have a high deductible, catastrophic coverage health insurance plan with a Health Savings Account contribution.  As a partner in my medical business I essentially pay the premium for belonging to the company group insurance plan, and the premium for my wife, myself and my college age son for… Continue Reading

Can We Induce Patients and Primary Care Physicians to Execute Advance Directives and Medical Durable Power of Attorney Documents

You Get What You Pay For Primary care physicians have come under criticism because they have not counseled their patients and encouraged them to execute an advance directive and a medical durable power of attorney.   This is felt to be a factor in the leading to the large percentage of the dollars spent by Medicare… Continue Reading

Individual Mandate Precedent

History buffs and constitutional scholars, check out this article on The Health Care Blog.  It notes a mandate for early American citizens to outfit themselves for the militia, and compares this to the mandate in the recent health care act to purchase private health insurance.  The constitutional challenges will likely need to consider this precedent,… Continue Reading

What if All Americans Had at Least Catastrophic Health Care Coverage

I really dislike the term healthcare reform.  I think our system needs to be changed not reformed.  I assume that I am not the only person who suspects that the recent health care reform act is not going to be the final solution for America’s health care problems.  The cost of healthcare is not really… Continue Reading

How Can We Encourage Medical Students to Choose Primary Care?

A Radical Suggestion – Pay Specialists Less Since 1997 the number of US medical students choosing to go into primary care has decreased by more than 50%.    It seems that sources as diverse as the Obama Administration and the Wall Street Journal think that we should find a way to encourage medical students to choose… Continue Reading

Comparing Enactment of Medicare to Health Care Reform of 2010

Continuing with my series of weekend reads,  you’ll enjoy this one from The New Yorker   Atul Gawandi writes a historical article about the reaction of the medical community, the segregationist south, and others to Medicare first being written into law in 1965.  It is interesting to see how he relates this to the health care… Continue Reading