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The Real Costs of Defensive Medicine

by Brittany Lyons With estimates ranging from $35 billion to a whopping $850 billion, the true costs of “defensive medicine” are difficult to pinpoint. A variety of government reports, physician surveys and studies have attempted to pinpoint exactly how much of U.S. healthcare costs are generated by defensive medicine, but the varied definitions of “defensive… Continue Reading

When No Immediate Treatment is The Best Option for Prostate Cancer

“Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!” When No Immediate Treatment is The Best Option for Prostate Cancer  by Patrick Maguire, MD  As we near the end of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this September, hopefully many of us have learned a thing or two that we didn’t know about the disease in August. Just last week, a… Continue Reading

Healthy Fruits – Healthy Vegetables:Brooke Douglas RD Tells All

Brooke Douglas RD is back with her first of the month post, this time telling us about healthy fruits and healthy vegetables.  Don’t miss a word. Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fruits and Vegetables Research shows that people who eat even 2½ cups of fruits and vegetables a day have only half… Continue Reading

What is Hospice: A Hospice Volunteer Point of View

by Christina Lufkin, Hospice Volunteer and Author. What is Hospice? Hospice is not a death sentence. It is an opportunity to live life to the fullest until you die. I have been a Hospice volunteer since 1994. It is my passion. To be of service to others during such an important and intense time of life is an… Continue Reading

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Running

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Running by Charles Boren The ancient Greeks used running as a form of training and competition. It was a way to test personal fortitude and improve physical health. Many of the health benefits of running were known even in those ancient times. In modern times, many start running for the… Continue Reading

USPSTF: Losing its Independence?

Mammograms and death panels: why the Preventive Services Task Force keeps pulling its punches Originally posted at Common Sense Family Doctor by Kenny Lin MD Health reform was supposed to have been good news for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Until 2009, this independent panel of federally-appointed experts in primary care and preventive health was… Continue Reading

Enjoy a Post by Dr. Charles

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles posted  a commentary on why we humans will remain important in the practice of medicine, although computers like the IBM computer Watson may have faster access to facts.   While there enjoy some of Dr. Charles poetry. Dr. Watson and the 7 Qualities of an Ideal Physician FEBRUARY 27,… Continue Reading

The Anti-Aging ‘Anti-Inflammatory’ Diet

It’s the first of the month again, and Brooke Douglas tells how an anti-aging diet can keep us looking and feeling young. The Anti-Aging ‘Anti-Inflammatory’ Diet By Brooke Douglas In the past several years, numerous books and articles have been written about inflammation, proclaiming that we can halt or reverse the aging process by paying… Continue Reading