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Still Taking Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3 Complex

I posted a little over 3 months ago in a post called First Hand Anecdotal Evidence about the hopeful improvement in the level of CA-125, the tumor marker for my wife Kay’s ovarian cancer tumor marker, after she had started taking Turmeric Extract Curcumon C3.   She decided to start taking this at the recommendation of… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Ruling on Gene Patents: It is Personal

For many women and many families the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that naturally occurring genes in the human genome cannot be patented is highly personal.  I’ve been waiting to decide on whether to post on this topic here on  My wife has ovarian cancer and has been found to have a BRCA2 gene… Continue Reading

Angelina Jolie and Celebrity Health Advocacy

This week’s celebrity health health advocacy headlines have been dominated by the sensational NY Times article by Angelina Jolie going public after her prophylactic double mastectomy and her BRCA1 gene mutation.  When famous people are forced to deal with difficult medical decisions, as Ms. Jolie certainly had to face, their decisions and consequences are influential… Continue Reading

Crowd source help Requested: Turmeric -Curcumin for Ovarian Cancer

This post is an attempt to crowd source for information on turmeric with curcumin in ovarian cancer. Kay, my wife, has ovarian cancer that despite the best efforts of Kay and her various oncologists and surgeons has to this point had only fairly transient responses to traditional and some experimental treatments.  Kay is in a… Continue Reading

How This Family Doctor Avoids Getting Sick While Examining Sick Patients All Day

My wife used to call the time from fall through spring the no-kissing season.  I always get my flu shot, and rarely get influenza, but as a family physician I need to look into the nose and mouths of patients with influenza, look under the diapers of babies with diarrhea, and drain pus from abscesses… Continue Reading

10 Lessons I Learned From Dad

Happy Birthday Dad   This week I’m visiting my Dad in Oakland, ME to help celebrate his 82nd birthday, and I never stop learning from him. Dad is just a good man. Actually I am blessed with having quite a number of good men in my life growing up, Uncle Frank visited today and I… Continue Reading