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Unintended Consequences

The Law of Unintended Consequences:  Actions of people—and especially of government—always have effects that are unanticipated or unintended. (1) From the Noise to Signal social media cartoon Starting in January most OTC products, excepting some medical equipment like crutches and diabetic supplies, now cannot be purchased with flexible spending account dollars without a physician prescription.… Continue Reading

Medicare Preventative Services

Does Medicare Have it Right in 2011? Starting in 2011 with the regulations required by the PPACA Medicare will mandate copay and deductible free preventative services for our older Americans.  This is great news for primary care physicians.  I’m a family physician, and have struggled for years with the fact that just about every private… Continue Reading

Generic ARB

Why Has Losartan Lagged as the First Generic ARB? A few months ago I posted when the First Generic ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker)  became available.  Generic losartan, the generic for Cozaar and Hyzaar (combo med with hydrochlorothiazide), became available in about May 2010.  Interestingly it has not made much for inroads in the ARB market.… Continue Reading

Coupons For High Priced Drugs – Just Say No!

I hate coupons that reduce the copay of prescription meds.  I just refuse to use them.  Today essentially all insurance companies divide their medications into tiers, where the lowest tier is for inexpensive generic meds., the next tier is for more expensive generics and branded drugs that the plan negotiates substantial discounts from the manufacturer… Continue Reading

Home Glucose Testing in Type 2 Diabetes

Home glucose monitoring in non-insulin treated type 2 diabetes has not been shown with any degree of confidence in controlled studies to improve either blood sugar control or prevent complications of diabetes.  Still it is commonly used by diabetics and commonly recommended by physicians to diabetics as an important aspect of their care.  What is… Continue Reading

Good Medical Care Can Cost Less

A recent commentary in the New England Journal of Medicine by family physicians Thomas Bodenheimer and David West examines how the city of Grand Junction, Colorado has managed to provide above-average quality health care with Medicare costs that are 24% lower than the national average. The explanation that Grand Junction residents are simply healthier that… Continue Reading

Catastrophic Plans May Save Even When Catastrophy Happens

For years our family has elected to have a high deductible, catastrophic coverage health insurance plan with a Health Savings Account contribution.  As a partner in my medical business I essentially pay the premium for belonging to the company group insurance plan, and the premium for my wife, myself and my college age son for… Continue Reading