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Two Editorials on Drug Price Gouging from AFP

Today I was catching up on reading some past American Family Physician journals, and in the July 1, 2017 issue are two excellent editorials addressing drug prices charged by pharmaceutical companies in the U.S.  They are quick reads, free to anyone to access, and worth checking out:


Problematic Jumps in Drug Prices and What You Can Do.  by Allen F Shaughnessy, PharmD, Tufts University School of Medicine.

A brief exerpt:  “The industry also claims that revenue is plowed back into research and development…  the major pharmaceutical companies spend more on sales and marketing ($5.2 billion in 2015) than they do on research and development.

Drug Price Gouging: When Will It End? by Jay Siwek, MD, Georgetown University Medical Center

This is a very brief, one column, scathing critique of drug pricing.

DIY Hay Fever Therapy- The Time is Now

Do-it-yourself (DIY) management is now something many if not most hay fever sufferers can effectively accomplish. The approval of an over-the-counter nasal corticosteroid, Nasacort OTC in October 2013 makes this the first spring where the drug most of us prescribe as the mainstay of hay feverpre therapy is available without a prescription. This is an… Continue Reading

Watchful Waiting: Not just a Prostate Cancer Option

Watchful waiting has become a term often thougt of as an alternative to surgery, radiation, or other interventions for early stage prostate cancer. Watchful waiting is actually a viable option for many other conditions too. Most Mom’s know that tincture of time with watchful waiting lets their children have the opportunity to recover without intervention… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Ruling on Gene Patents: It is Personal

For many women and many families the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that naturally occurring genes in the human genome cannot be patented is highly personal.  I’ve been waiting to decide on whether to post on this topic here on DrPullen.com.  My wife has ovarian cancer and has been found to have a BRCA2 gene… Continue Reading

Breakthrough Prizes in Life Sciences are Cool

Research we need even more is boring, uninteresting, and has little or no funding. I was pleased to read the news last week of the Breakthrough Prizes in Life Sciences, giving $3 million each to 11 actively working basic scientists in medical and biological research. This is a great idea and a way to promote… Continue Reading

U.S. Health Care Costs in Comparison to Other Developed Countries – One FP’s Comments

Everyone knows that in the U.S. we spend far more on healthcare than in every other country in the world.  I recently read a PBS interview looking at this issue primarily looking not at the gross spending but to look at what we spend our money on compared to other developed countries, how much we… Continue Reading

Generic Lexapro Finally: Understanding Isomers

With the FDA approval yesterday of Teva’s generic Lexapro (escitalopram) I’m taking this opportunity to remember my years as a chemistry major at Bowdoin College and talk about a subject that is fascinating and not really that complicated. The movement toward the use of isolated isomers (also called sterioisomers or enantiomers ) as medication seems… Continue Reading

Pfizer Strategy to Get You to Buy Lipitor not Generic Atrovastatin

The patent on Lipitor expires this month, and inexpensive generic atorvastatin should be available within months. I cannot think of any good reason that generic atorvastatin prices should be higher than the prices of the other generic statins once true competition comes to the marketplace. Pfizer has in place a strategy to try to keep… Continue Reading