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What Causes Obesity: The Real Answer

We just don’t know.  Simply put that’s the answer.  I came across a recent long and detailed essay in in this week’s issue of  the British Medical Journal that reviews the history of obesity research and theory.  Anyone interested in this topic, and really many of us should be interested, should read this essay.  It outlines… Continue Reading

Atherosclerosis in Antiquity

I stumbled across a really interesting article in the Lancet where CT scans were done of 137 mummies and naturally mummified remains looking at the extent of vascular calcium deposits in blood vessels.  It looks like atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is not just a disease of modern stress, diet and lifestyle.  It turns out that the… Continue Reading

Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce Cardiovascular Deaths by 0.3% / year

But only if you are high risk to begin with, much less otherwise. Not a headline likely to motivate you to make major dietary changes, but one more in touch with the complex realities of prevention of cardiovascular disease than the message of the “TimesCast” my wife sent me as a link by email today.… Continue Reading

Chest Compression Alone may be Better than Traditional CPR

A recent review in Circulation comes to the conclusion that chest compressions alone may be slightly more effective than the traditional chest compressions plus rescue breathing in bystander resuscitation of cardiopulmonary arrest.  This is yet more evidence that the recommendations for hands only CPR are not just OK, they may be better.  In this study… Continue Reading

Drugs Discovered to Help Conditions Far Different from Their Original Indications: Off Label Drug Use

or Why Am I Taking a Seizure Medication for Foot Pain? As the physician spouse of a wonderful woman living with ovarian epithelial cell cancer the recent article in Cancer documenting that women with type 2 diabetes who take metformin to have better survival rates than control patients with ovarian cancer who do not take… Continue Reading

Xarelto vs. Warfarin for DVT and PE: Now I’ll Have to Help Patients Choose

Late week the FDA approved Xarelto for the treatment of pulmonary embolus (PE), acute deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and prevention of recurrence or these conditions.  Now the decision on the use of Xarelto vs. warfarin will be one we have to discuss with patients who develop DVT or PE.  Up until now family physicians have… Continue Reading

Don’t Be Afraid taking a Statin May Cause Diabetes

Readers may recall previous discussions of the potential for statin treatment leading to diabetes, and how this concern might lead some patients who would benefit from statin therapy to prevent cardiovascular events from taking a statin. Good news on this front from a recent Lancet article which further analyzes the data from the JUPITER trial that raised… Continue Reading

Is Harm Reduction in Tobacco Users an Acceptable Approach

This post is a follow up to the recent post titled “ Are E-Cigarettes Safe?”  and to further respond to comments on the KevinMD site when he reposted the article to a broader audience.  The most interesting criticisms involved a discussion of harm reduction.  The argument is that not everyone is able to or is… Continue Reading