Favorite DrPullen.com Nutrition Posts

[google1]Regular readers know Brooke Douglas as the registered nutritionist from Nutrition Authority who writes every month on the first of the month for this health blog.  I thought as we get into the summer swim suit season in Washington, and are likely well into the summer elsewhere I’d take the time to show new readers and remind long time readers of some of my favorite DrPullen.com posts on eating right, most by Brooke.  Give her site a look-see to find more cool stuff.  Hope these give you motivation to help yourself. To change habits is never easy but come on, you can do it. You are a self-motivated person, or you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place.


Inflammation and Diet:  Inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory Foods by Brooke Douglas

Foods High in Fiber by Brooke Douglas

Just How Fat are Americans by Brooke Douglas

Dr. Pullen Lives the Mediterranean Diet

Now just do it!

Thanks Brooke  Nutrition Authority



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