The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Give Your Loved Ones The Best Christmas Gift Ever This Year!
Really. What your loved ones want most from you is for you to be healthy and around for them. This involves doing whatever you can to avoid the leading cause of death and morbidity in the U.S., cardiovascular disease like heart attack and stroke. The CDC has made this easy by making an electronic gift card available to send to those you love and who care about you. The card says:
My Health is my gift to you this holiday season. “I pledge to learn my ABCS of health,” and is associated with the Million Hearts Program of the CDC.
For those of you not familiar with the ABCS of the Million Hearts attempt to prevent 1,000,000 heart attacks and strokes in the 5 years following the initiative on Sept 13, 2011 it is:

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• A= Aspirin for those people at high risk. This generally means adults with high blood pressure, diabetes, any type of vascular disease like peripheral vascular disease, coronary disease, carotid disease etc, smokers, people with high cholesterol or high blood pressure, and those with a strong family history of heart attack or stroke.
• B= Blood Pressure Control: Sounds obvious, but less than half of Americans with high blood pressure have it adequately controlled. Don’t settle for suboptimal blood pressure control. Work with your doctor to do what it takes to gain control. Also focus on the non-medication things you can do like salt restriction, weight loss and more exercise.
• C= Cholesterol management: Goals vary for different people, but ask your physician what your goal cholesterol should be, and if needed use medication plus diet to get to that goal.
• S= Smoking Cessation: If you smoke quitting is probably the number one thing you can do to reduce your chances of a heart attack or stroke. People always correlate smoking with cancer and lung disease, but the leading way smoking kills is from cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and stroke. Do whatever it takes to find a way to quit.
So this year give the most precious gift of all, yourself through improved health and longer life, to your loved ones.

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