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Should We Have a Single Payer System or Improve Obamacare

I’ve struggled with this question, and don’t feel that I have the depth or breadth of experience or knowledge to say what the best approach to providing all, or nearly all people in the U.S. with health care access, but I came across this N.Y. Times op-ed article that makes a good case for improving Obamacare as the best route for progressive Americans to advocate.

Check out:

What’s Next For Progressives, by Paul Krugman 7 Aug 2017  N.Y. Times

It’s worth the read. Click on the link above to read and leave a comment here.

Top 20 Research Studies of 2015- AFP Article

I read the American Family Physician fairly regularly and sometimes I come across an article good enough to summarize here.  In the May 1, 2016 issue is an article titled, “Top 20 Research Studies of 2015 for Primary Care Physicians.”  In each AFP is a section called POEMs, for “Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters,” and… Continue Reading

A Better Approach to Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

For years I’ve sent my newly diagnosed and poorly controlled patients with type 2 diabetes to diabetes education classes.  There they are taught many helpful skills, including how to test their blood sugars at home, how to watch for complications of diabetes like foot ulcers and infections, and a big focus is on how to… Continue Reading

Overoutrage: The Right Way to Determine Healthcare Policy?

I came across a very interesting article today in The Health Care Blog by Saurabh Jah, MD titled Overoutrage and the Assymetric Skepticism of Healthcare Journalists. This addresses a concept I’d not heard of until now. Here is a quote from the above linked article: “Overoutrage is excessive moral outrage. Outrage is excessive anger. Anger is… Continue Reading

Blood Pressure: How Low is Low Enough

A new clinical trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine called the SPRINT Trial ( Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial ) which compares standard treatment of hypertension to a goal of a systolic BP < 140 compared to more aggressive treatment to a goal of systolic BP <120 was published on Nov. 9,… Continue Reading