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About – DrPullen.com – Medical and Health Blog


Hi. I’m Ed Pullen, a board certified family physician practicing in Puyallup, WA.  I’m writing this medical blog to provide an experienced family physician’s viewpoint on medical news as well as give interesting and helpful information to keep patients informed.  I hope to be a tiny voice of reason among the screaming celebrities and corporate sales voices giving medical advice.

I’ve been practicing full service family practice family medicine since I graduated from the family medicine residency program at Madigan Army Medical Center in 1983. (now you know, I’m not a young internet guru) After my residency I did my service tour at Keller Army Hospital at the US Military Academy at West Point, NY, and then after leaving the Army I joined my current practice group in Puyallup.

I’ve been at Sound Family Medicine (originally South Hill Family Medicine) since 1987, and have recently stepped down as the medical director after serving in that role for about 18 years.  I delivered babies until about 2004, and did inpatient care until 2008.  Now I focus on outpatient care, am enjoying my practice at the Sunrise Medical Campus office of Sound Family Medicine.

I grew up in Oakland, Maine, a small town in the Belgrade Lakes region, and lived an active outdoors life and was active in school sports.  I went to Bowdoin College majoring in chemistry, and played football there.  After college I went to Tuft’s University School of Medicine, where I did well enough that my advisor told me I could get a good residency if I changed my mind and decided not to go into family practice.

Now I enjoy birding, reading, and exercise.  I like to travel and hope to travel more in the years to come.  I am also enjoying writing this blog.  I started blogging when I needed to communicate with lots of people during my wife’s bout with ovarian cancer, and now that she is doing well, and there is not much news on that front, thankfully, I have started DrPullen.com as a continued creative outlet.  Enjoy.

Now for the Disclaimer.  Be sure to read the DISCLAIMER PAGE to know the legal details of using DrPullen.com  First to remember is that this blog is NOT intended as a vehicle for care of individual patients, that no post is intended as specific medical advice.  Be sure to discuss your health concerns with your personal health care provider.  Enjoy this health blog.