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Medical Alert USB Bracelets or QR Codes – DrPullen.com – Medical and Health Blog

Medical Alert USB Bracelets or QR Codes

I think of myself as fairly tech-savvy but somehow I have missed out on a pretty basic tech health item.  I saw a patient yesterday with Acute Intermittent Porphyria, who was kind enough to let me photograph her USB Medical Alert Bracelet.

These make lots of sense for persons with conditions who might benefit from having detailed or complex health information easily available to ER or other health care personnel when they seek care.  Not surprisingly these are inexpensive and no more noticeable than the ubiquitous rubber/vinyl bracelets many wear to support a cause.  I found a variety of colors and styles on a quick google search, with prices under $20.  This sounded pretty cool to me until I looked into how useful ER or other personnel find these,  The consensus is that most ER or other personnel are not going to be willing to plug an unknown USB device into their computer for risk of introducing a virus.  In addition this requires a device with a USB port.

Another high tech alternative is to carry a QR sticker that when scanned leads to a website where health care providers can read whatever information you want them to see.  This can be done with a smart phone or computer and avoids the risk of accessing a virus, and

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